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The Hunter

In Uncategorized on April 2, 2012 at 1:25 pm

Magnolia Pictures will release the THE HUNTER theatrically on April 6th and is now available on VOD.

From the producers of ANIMAL KINGDOM, and based on the acclaimed novel by Julia Leigh,  Magnolia Pictures presents THE HUNTER.

While THE HUNTER is a powerful psychological drama, it goes even further to highlight the Darwinian struggle between man and nature, while telling a very timely story. Martin played by Willem Dafoe is  a mercenary hired by a secretive biotech company to hunt for the last surviving Tasmanian tiger in the lush wilderness. Though the tiger has been officially extinct since the 1930s, sightings have been reported intermittently ever since, with no conclusive proof ever produced that the animal still exists. The animal’s disappearance from the ecology of mainland Australia and the Southern Hemisphere is attributed to being hunted by humans, and the tiger’s own legend expertly mirrors the film’s complex themes of conservation, animals living in captivity, selective culling and even cloning. The visually-striking film examines how we can make choices that will either help break the cycle of ecological violence against the planet –and against ourselves– or cause even more destruction and extinction.

The Hunter Trailer


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