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In Tribeca Film Festival 2010 on April 6, 2010 at 5:11 pm

81 min | Feature Documentary
Directed by: Jeff Reichert

World Premiere – Tribeca Film Festival Tuesday April 27, 2010

Cast & Credits
Primary Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gray Davis, Howard Dean, Ben Barnes, Pete Wilson, Ed Rollins
Director: Jeff Reichert
Screenwriter: Jeff Reichert
Producer: Dan O’Meara, Jeff Reichert, Chris Romano
Editor: Sam Pollard
Executive Producer: Bill Mundell
Cinematographer: Gary Griffin

Program Notes
What is “gerrymandering“? You don’t have to wait for your oversized 2010 census envelope to figure out what exactly it means. Named for the Massachusetts governor who conveniently redrew a few erratic lines in 1812, gerrymandering is the redistricting of electoral boundaries to effect voting outcome in favor of a particular candidate, political party, et cetera. And why should you care? As the governor of California will tell you, the reestablishment of district lines takes away the voice of individual communities, reduces voter turnout and lessens competition among candidates. Whether it’s a community, race, or party issue, an issue it surely is.

Director Jeff Reichert gathers an impressive bevy of experts to smartly present a well-rounded exposé. From California’s struggle to pass Prop 11 to The Daily Show‘s mockery of a gaggle of border-jumping Texas politicians, this accessible and informative documentary encourages us to put on our bifocals and more closely inspect the warp and woof of America’s democratic system.

–Ashley Havey, from the Tribeca Film Festival website


Contact us to set up an interview with Mr. Reichert
Donna Daniels ddaniels (at)
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